EPOS Systems for Pubs from just £795+vat
Sophisticated, easy-to-use PUB POS Systems at affordable prices

Our POS Systems for Public Houses and Bars are quick to set up, easy to use, yet comprehensive in features. They are suitable for pubs, nightclubs, social clubs, sports clubs, function rooms, event venues and all similar types of business.

Our Pub POS systems are supplied with high quality Branded Equipment with 3years warranty, a permanent POS Software license so there are no ongoing monthly/annual fees to ever pay and no need for an internet connection, and an affordable Service Pack for initial setup, user training and ongoing support.

  • Fast entry of sales transactions
  • Manage bar tabs
  • Table management with graphical table map or numbered list
  • Multiple price levels (eg. Standard Price, Members Price, Non-Members Price, Happy Hour etc)
  • Handle different sizes (eg. Pint/Half, 25/50ml, 125/175/250ml, Splash/Dash, Single/Double etc)
  • Easy to change menus/prices and Daily Specials
  • Promotions automatic pricing (eg. Buy 4 shots for £5)
  • Manage Food Orders / Restaurant area
  • Popup Food Modifiers (eg. Peas / Beans, White / Brown Bread, Chips / Potatoes etc)
  • Stock Control (barrels / kegs / pints, bottles, boxes / packs etc)
  • Staff Clocking In / Clocking Out to track hours for calculating wages
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Historic Reports
  • Reports for financial data, vat, stock levels, staff hours and sales analysis by product, by group, by staff and by hour
  • Reports viewable on-screen, printed or saved to a file / spreadsheet

  • Advanced Features are available on our more sophisticated systems:

  • Customer Database with Loyalty Points
  • Gross Profit Reports to auto-calculate your profit margins
  • Re-ordering and stock delivery tracking
  • Recipe stock control to track all ingredients
  • Food Costing to help you calculate your true margin on each dish/product

  • Optional Peripherals and Accessories:

  • Kitchen Ticket Printer
  • Wireless Waiter Tablets (requires WiFi connectivity within the premises)
  • Kitchen Monitor System
  • Dallas Reader with Key Fobs for secure staff loggging in/out
  • Customer Display (Text or Graphical Advertising Display)
  • Integrated Card Payment Processing including ApplePay, Android Pay & Contactless
       (requires internet connection for card payment authorisation)

  • Multiple Outlets or Remote System Management options:
    (Remote connectivity functions will require internet connection)

  • Android App for Live Sales Reporting of multiple tills and locations
  • Web-based Back Office System for reporting, stock management and menu/price maintenance
  • Windows-based Back Office System for comprehensive reporting, stock management and total system maintenance

  • See full details of each of our Pub POS Systems and UK Prices: Visit our Online Store